Next year's reading

So I am working on putting together a reading list for next year.  I want to map out 12 books (one per month) to read over the course of the year.  This would be a minimum, but would give me a goal and a plan.  I want to get one or more from the following categories:
  • Theology
  • Christian classics
  • Discipleship
  • Missions
  • Student ministry
  • Parenting/Family
  • Christian biography

Would love some suggestions and help!

Posted by Jack | at 10:01 AM


caulfieldkid said...

if you havent already read it

caulfieldkid said...

here's another:

i haven't read that one yet but i really want to. i've heard many good things.

Marc said...

Boys Should Be Boys - Meg Meeker. The follow-up to her Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.