I preached

Yesterday morning I preached.  I preached about missions for God's glory because of God's glory.  It is one of the few times that I actually felt spent after preaching.  My prayer was that God would grant me the grace to lay it out wholeheartedly and not hinder the movement of His Spirit.  I pray that I did just that.

It seems that I very seldom finish a sermon thinking how great it was.  But isn't that the point.  I don't want people (myself included!) thinking about how great the sermon was but how overwhelmingly amazing God is and how our lives should be dedicated to exaltation of His name.

Maybe God will use this sermon in some way to spur a greater passion for His name among the nations. I know there a couple of you are interested in the sermon.  It is available through my xml or itunes feed or you can listen here.

Posted by Jack | at 3:40 PM