Church Signs

I have a pet peeve. I deeply dislike church signs. I know, I know. I can hear the collective gasps now. I am a pastor. I should love the slimy little cliches that people love to put out on the front lawn of the church which in theory will save people and bring them in by the droves. Instead they make me angry. And some make me weep.

I really want to rant on about this, but I think I will stop. I think everyone should read this post by a theologian and pastor I greatly respect. It says a lot of what I have been thinking for years.

Posted by Jack | at 10:32 AM


caulfieldkid said...

Saw your tweet. That was a good article indeed. I share in your disdain for church signs. Maybe we can get together some time and gripe about them.

Master GiGi said...

All I can say is I am overjoyed that our church won't put their sign out!! (There's a long crazy story to go along with this that I'll save for another time.)

Love you, bro! Bel