My flood

Earlier this week I watched in shock as my community was consumed with a slow and stead onslaught of water that seemingly took control of our every thoughts. The magnitude of it all is still swirling around in my head. It is so overwhelming. Carrie and I sat looking at our neighbors with a sense that we must do something and yet not knowing where to start.

And then Tuesday night I sat in a room with three men that I have grown to respect even more over the past few days. Our question was not if we would do something. Our question was where we will start. There was no doubt that God had sovereignly placed our church in a place to display his love to those we are near. And then His glory exploded on the scene.

Our small group of Christ followers has rushed headlong into loving and serving those most affected by this disaster. And God has given us the supplies to do just that. We have given out thousands of bottles of water. Today I was sitting in the garage a little worried that we would run short. In a matter of seconds (literally) a van pulled up with 1440 bottles of water. Within the next thirty minutes another 2000 had arrived. That is just one of a hundred stories I could write about.

I have thought of so many things I could write. I have thought of so many directions to go. My flood this week has been the tidal wave of love and concern shown by the people of Ewing Road Baptist Church. It has been the tenacity of the two men I work with who have thrown every ounce of their being into making things happen for those they have never met. It is in the countless people who are not from our community who will come, serve, and leave. It is in truck's full of food and countless bags of clothes. The waters have receded by the love I hope will be here to stay.

We are not heroes. We were not spared because of anything about us. By the grace of God we have been given an opportunity to show the love of Christ in a real way. God I pray that you would keep us faithful and please bring us more opportunities to show your love through us.

For those who have been part of the flood, thank you. I am overwhelmed.

Posted by Jack | at 9:12 PM